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PrettyCode.Print for VB6/VBA (Discontinued)

PrettyCode.Print for VB6/VBA and PrettyCode.Print for .NET will no longer be further developed. Both products are converted into a free download in their current state. There will be no enhancements, improvements nor bug fixes for these two products.  You can download PrettyCode.Print for VB6/VBA and PrettyCode.Print for .NET in the Community Downloads section.

Latest build:
Release date:
December 7, 2003
Supported IDEs:
Visual Basic 6.0
MS Office 2000
MS Office XP
MS Office 2003
Standalone EXE
Supported Languages:

Sometimes we all need to take a break from coding and print out our source code to see where we are and where we need to go, locate bugs, and identify areas for improvement. Having PrettyCode.Print on your desktop can have numerous benefits. Once your project is finished, you can produce a beautiful paper backup of your VB code. Use samples of code in your proposals, technical briefs, and presentations. Impress your clients, managers, or colleagues with the professionalism of a PrettyCode.Print printout while explaining a certain point.

Note: PCP/VB6 does not support .NET projects - see PrettyCode.Print for .NET if you need to print VB.NET or C# code.

PrettyCode.Print is an Add-In for Visual Basic and Office 2000 and higher that enables you to print the source code of your Visual Basic projects.

  • Use it as fully integrated with the VB/Office Add-In or standalone source code printer
  • Color-coded printing similar to the VB IDE
  • Print all or parts of your code
  • Works with
    • VB6, VB5, VB4 and VB3 projects
    • Visual Basic Project Groups (VBG)
    • MS Office VBA projects (Office 2000+)
    • Any set of VB files
    • Or you can paste your code from Clipboard

Create your own style for all your project documentation. Once you've defined your own settings, everything you print will look consistent and professional - the way you want it.


Syntax Highlighting
  • Specify your own fonts, styles, and colors (or gray) to easily locate keywords, strings, comments, identifiers, and more.
Selective printing
  • Print only the modules and procedures that you want. Even print only those modules, procedures or files changed since the last printing.
Line Bracket Connections
  • Clearly see your code structure. Connects code blocks If..Else..End If, Do..Loop, For..Next, Select..Case..End Select, etc
Line Numbering
  • Sequentially number each code line in a project, module, or by procedure
  • Option skip numbering of blank lines and comments
  • Set the initial line number and increment to whatever you want
  • Perfect for code reviews
Auto Indent
  • Source code printout can be automatically indented - makes just any code look real nice!
Orphan Control
  • Orphan Control option will make sure procedure will be printed on new page if it does not fit on the current one
Line Spacing
  • Adjustable line spacing makes it easy to write notes between the lines during code reviews
Procedure Separator
  • Horizontal lines separate modules so you can distinguish and identify them quickly and easily. Alternatively, you can print each procedure on a separate page.
Page Layout
  • Portrait or landscape, page borders, page margins
  • Simplex or duplex (vertical or horizontal)
  • Paper sizes supported by your printer
  • Page headers and footers can include project name, module name, module date/time, printed date/time, procedure name, page number, page N of NN as well as your custom text
  • Define fonts for page headers and footers
Color Schemes
  • Quick way to switch the colors for syntax highlighting, you can choose predefined
  • Default scheme for color printer
  • Scheme for B&W printer
  • Standard VB IDE colors
  • You can even import your current color scheme from VB IDE
Procedure Index
  • Create a Table of Contents with information about procedure, parameters and page number.
Export Output
  • You can save the color highlighted and nicely indented printout as RTF (Word) document
  • It can also be imported into a Word document, edited and commented for training or documentation
  • Paste indented code back into VB IDE - your boss and colleagues will think that your programming style has improved dramatically!
Print Output Control
  • Print quality - draft, low, medium and high
  • Simplex or duplex, number of copies, collation order
  • Print all pages, pages range, only odd or even pages
  • Print source code and procedure index, only code or only index
Backup & Compare
  • Print only those modules, procedures or files changed since the last printing
  • Incremental printing - to get just the stuff you added this morning that didn't work
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