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GhostDoc Tutorials and Resources

Getting Started

GhostDoc Getting Started

Which Edition is right for you?

What does GhostDoc 'Document This' do?


XML Comment tags supported by GhostDoc

Can GhostDoc run on the whole solution?

How to reset GhostDoc Pro rule template to default

How to Assign Visual Studio Shortcut for GhostDoc

Knowledge Base Articles

Build Help Docs

How to embed Images in a Generated Help File

Requirement for help docs in .CHM format - Installing Microsoft HTML Help Workshop

Help Content Targeting – tagging at a class level

Adding Custom Content to Help Docs

Conceptual Content - Adding Custom Content to API Documentation created with GhostDoc

Conceptual Content - How to include Tables

Conceptual Content - How to Include Bulleted and Ordered Lists

Documentation Maintenance

How to turn off Documentation Quality icons in Visual Studio editor

Spell Checker

How to turn off real-time spell checking in Visual Studio editor

Additional language dictionaries for GhostDoc Spell Checker

Continuous Integration

GhostDoc Enterprise - Command Line Parameters

Silent Deployment

GhostDoc Enterprise Silent Registration - Command Line Parameters


Definition of license types - Commercial, Personal, Academic

Use of GhostDoc Free within a commercial organization

How do I retrieve my license code(s)?


For all issues installing or uninstalling GhostDoc see this KB article

When CHM file is only showing TOC but no content, see Unblocking downloaded CHM documentation files

How to submit Visual Studio crash log to SubMain support

Release Notes

Overview of GhostDoc v5.0 Features

What's New in GhostDoc v5

What's New in GhostDoc v4.9

All GhostDoc Release Notes


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