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Improve Product Quality at the Source

  • Get real-time feedback on issues as code is being written
  • Support best practices and compliance
  • Automate your code reviews
  • Easily avoid notifications that aren't of concern to your group
  • Get a sense of your codebase's health at a glance
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Automate Code Reviews

Eliminate the human error from code review with an automated code reviewer.

Standardize code quality

Review your projects against standards and see which need the most attention.

Get actionable results

Fix issues quickly by focusing on what matters.

Quick Stress-free Automated Code Review

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Can you picture this? You find yourself staring off into space while two of your coworkers bicker about a naming convention. Six of you sit around in a conference room, with someone's laptop projected on the flatscreen TV, and you're entering the fourth hour of a marathon code review. Does this sound familiar?

These reviews can be boring and contentious, and frankly, they can waste a lot of time. But you don't abandon the practice of reviewing; the underlying concept is important.

Well, you can have the sanity check without the expensive (and often soul-crushing) time investment. By automating your code review, you can completely eliminate the low-hanging fruit and save human interaction for concepts and overarching design discussions. CodeIt.Right will help you facilitate this change.

  • Build code review into everyone's routine
  • Save countless person-hours in conference rooms
  • Perform checks prior to commits, rather than after the fact
  • Incorporate code review into the team build
  • Avoid needless team conflict

Key Features


Instant Code Review

Learn while you code with real-time feedback, turning in clean code while improving your knowledge.

Automatic Code Refactoring

Effortlessly keep your code clean while you work.

Microsoft Guidelines and Best Practices

Always know that you're in alignment with Microsoft-recommended coding practices.

Follow Your Own Standards

Select the rules that best define your team's coding values without worrying about the ones that don't.

Reduce the Noise

Easily avoid notifications that aren't important to you and your team.

Automate Code Reviews

Eliminate the human error from code review with an automated code reviewer.

Custom Rule SDK

Add your own custom-defined rules to make the experience truly tailored to your team.

Continuous Integration

Make your rules part of the build to ensure a consistent, standardized codebase.


Get a sense of your codebase's health at a glance.

Team Collaboration

Have Visual Studio check your coding standard compliance instead of having to reference some Word doc on a shared drive.

Code Metrics

Have data-backed conversations about the health of your team's code.

Integrated with Visual Studio

Do all of this conveniently from within Visual Studio.



Standard Edition (SE)

Best for small local teams. This is the baseline edition from the feature set stand point.

Enterprise Edition (EE)

Optimized for structured teams of 5+ developers onsite or distributed/virtual, as well as enterprises. Adds custom standard deployment, check-in policy integration, code metrics, enhanced CI, and unattended deployment.

Personal Edition (PE)

Designed specifically for solo developers and freelancers who are not part of a team. Subject to certain licensing restrictions.
Which edition of CodeIt.Right is right for you?

3 ways CodeIt.Right will improve your code

We've all been there. You're new to the team and want a sanity check before committing your code for the build. But the senior devs on the team are pressed for time and can give you only a cursory - and sometimes grouchy - review. It's frustrating.

So forget the waiting. Get instant code review feedback as you work.

  • Automated review rules run in the background, reviewing your code as you type
  • You can see violations right in the editor, without even glancing away from your code
  • Want a more detailed explanation? The detail window can tell you why your code has been flagged, helping you learn and improve
  • Combined with instant refactoring, you can correct mistakes with a single click
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Keeping your codebase clean takes a lot of time and effort. And you often don't have that time. If you don't believe it, think of that one class in your codebase that everyone's been meaning to do something about: it's just never the right time.

With CodeIt.Right you didn't need to spend time thinking about how to clean up and refactor - you can automate that process!

  • CodeIt.Right calls attention to code smells you know about - and it even points out ones you don't
  • Once they're detected, you can fix the problems with a single click
  • In many cases, you even have multiple options for how to implement a fix. Pick the one that suits you
  • CodeIt.Right helps you effortlessly refactor towards well-established design patterns

There are a lot of painful workflows when it comes to code review. Maybe you use pull requests to trigger code reviews, but approvers lack the time, resulting in upstream merge issues. Or perhaps you merge frequently and take code review action items as another round of changes to trunk. None of this is great.

CodeIt.Right's automated review can act as a gatekeeper when incorporated into your build! This sort of automation is how orgs like Facebook can push code constantly into production.

  • Invoke CodeIt.Right from the command line to use with your build
  • Have a custom exclude list specific to the build machine so that you only fail the build for the right reasons
  • Ignore minor warnings using the severity threshold feature
  • See nicely formatted reports of review results using the reporting feature
  • Create specific violation reports by using custom profiles
  • Use as a gatekeeper, with a nightly build, or as part of smoke testing
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