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Watch Webcast Recording - Identify and Correct Common Code Smells

Refactoring is a critical developer skill that helps keep code from collapsing under its own weight. Steve is the author of Refactoring Fundamentals, available on Pluralsight, which covers the subject of code smells and refactoring in depth. This webinar will provide an introduction to the topics of code smells and refactoring, and should help you improve your existing code.

Join Steve Smith as he shows some common code issues, and how to identify and refactor them with SubMain's CodeIt.Right code quality tool. In this webcast Steve will cover:

  • What are Code Smells
  • Principle of Least Surprise
  • Rules of Simple Design
  • Explain code smells like, Long Method, Large Class, Primitive Obsession, Data Clumps, Poor Names, Inappropriate Abstraction Level and more
  • Demo using CodeIt.Right to find and resolve code issues

Whether you are a programmer or development manager, this is the webcast for you!

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