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PrettyCode.Print for .NET (Discontinued)

PrettyCode.Print for VB6/VBA and PrettyCode.Print for .NET will no longer be further developed. Both products are converted into a free download in their current state. There will be no enhancements, improvements nor bug fixes for these two products.  You can download PrettyCode.Print for VB6/VBA and PrettyCode.Print for .NET in the Community Downloads section.

Latest build:
Release date:
August 29, 2008
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Supported IDEs:
Visual Studio 2008
Visual Studio 2005
Visual Studio .NET 2003
Standalone EXE
Supported Languages:

PrettyCode.Print for .NET is a standalone managed application and VS.NET Add-In that supports both C# and VB.NET solutions. Add-In for VS 2008, VS 2005 and VS.NET 2003 is available.

Note: PCP.NET does not support VB6/VBA projects - PrettyCode.Print for VB6 is still to be used for that.

PCP.NET will print your WinForms source code when run it standalone or as VS.NET Add-In. PCP.NET will print your WebForms (ASP.NET) CodeBehind when use it as VS.NET Add-In.


PrettyCode.Print for .NET enables you to produce professionally styled color coded printouts of .NET source code that are ideal to

  • Prepare your code for Code Reviews
  • Produce a beautiful paper backup of your .NET source code
  • Locate bugs, and identify areas for improvement
  • Use samples of code in your proposals, technical briefs, and presentations
  • Impress your clients, managers, or colleagues with the professionalism of a PrettyCode.Print printout while explaining a certain point
  • Learn programming using Visual Basic .NET and C#

Create your own style for all your project documentation. Once you've defined your own settings, everything you print will look consistent and professional - the way you want it.

Sample Output

Output PDF Export Sample - C#, rounded brackets

Output PDF Export Sample - C#, square brackets

Output PDF Export Sample - VB.NET, rounded brackets

Output PDF Export Sample - VB.NET, square brackets


Syntax Highlighting
  • Specify your own fonts, styles, and colors (or gray) to easily locate keywords, strings, comments, identifiers, and more
Selective printing
  • Print only the modules, classes, namespaces and members that you want
  • Filter by member scope - Public/Internal/Protected/Private
  • Two Project Views - Solution Explorer and Class View
  • Print Current Module feature (Add-In only) - via Code Editor or Solution Explorer context menu
Line Bracket Connections
  • Clearly see your code structure
  • Option to print square or rounded brackets
    Connects code blocks Try..Catch..Finally, If..Else..End If, For..Next, Select..Case..End Select, etc in VB

    Connects code blocks try..catch..finally, if..else.., for loops,, etc in C#
Auto Indent
  • The source code can be automatically indented - makes just any code look real nice!
  • Define watermark image to be printed on every page
Print Preview
  • Print Preview window Navigation Page with Thumbnails and Outline for quick navigation to a particular member in the preview window.
  • Both thumbnails and outline are exported to PDF (as Thumbnails and Bookmarks)
Export Output
  • Save the color highlighted and nicely indented printout as PDF document
  • The preview thumbnails and document outline are exported to PDF (as Thumbnails and Bookmarks)
  • You can secure your document with a password, choose to use compression, embed TrueType fonts, disallow printing, content copying and editing as well as edit the document properties when exporting into PDF document
  • Export to RTF (Word) and HTML to be added soon
Line Numbering
  • Sequentially number each code line in a project, module, or by procedure
  • Option skip numbering of blank lines and comments
  • Set the initial line number and increment to whatever you want
  • Perfect for code reviews
Line Spacing
  • Adjustable line spacing makes it easy to write notes between the lines during code reviews
Member Separator
  • Horizontal lines separate members in class/module so you can distinguish and identify them quickly and easily. Alternatively, you can print each member on a separate page
Class Separator
  • You can choose for classes in a namespace to be separated by horizontal line or new page
Page Layout
  • Portrait or landscape, page borders, page margins
  • Simplex or Duplex (vertical or horizontal)
  • Paper sizes supported by your printer
  • Page headers and footers can include project name, namespace name, module name, module date/time, printed date/time, method name, page number, page N of NN as well as your custom text
  • Define fonts for page headers and footers
Procedure Index
  • Create a Table of Contents with information about procedure and page number where it is printed
Print Output Control
  • Simplex or duplex, number of copies, collation order
  • Print all pages, pages range, only odd or even pages
  • Print source code and procedure index, only code or only index
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