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Why upgrade to GhostDoc Pro

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Use within an organization

GhostDoc Community Edition is a lighter version of our commercial offering providing the starter set of features free of charge to freelance developers, startups, students and open source enthusiasts. GhostDoc Community is licensed for personal, open source or educational use.

Most organizations must use commercial version of GhostDoc.

See the Who can use GhostDoc Community Edition KB article for more details.


Improve Your Productivity

  • Generate XML comments for entire project, type/class, or file
  • Visual Studio editor documentation quality hints or report across project/solution
  • Find auto-generated comments - easily see the docs that need to be edited or remove the bulk created docs
  • Quickly identify comments that are missing, out of sync or can be copied from base class and fix them with one click

Visual Documentation Editing

  • WYSIWYG editing of help documentation so that you see the end result as you go
  • Never worry about hand-typing escape sequences or remembering how best to format the method or type summary

Flexible and Compliant Comment Templates

  • Standard T4 templates allow you to customize the documentation generation exactly according to your needs and share them as Libraries
  • StyleCop compliant documentation templates

Easily produce Help Documentation

  • Produce help documentation in multiple formats - Html Help1 (.CHM), MS Help, Intellisense, or Web-based - see samples
  • Theme support and new themes - FlatGray and FlatMain
  • Help Configurations and Help Content Targeting - create ready-to-use help generation profiles and produce a "targeted" help content. Use these when you need docs with different output formats, projects, scopes to include or for public API users, testers, internal documentation, etc
  • Embed images, automatic linking to .NET Framework docs and more

Intelligent Source Code Spell Checking

  • Avoid embarrassing misspellings being shipped into production
  • Spell Check as you type or create a Project/Solution wide Spelling Report
  • Spell Checking for code elements, variables, methods, properties, string literals, comments, XML Comments and more
  • GhostDoc is smart to know the difference between string literals, comments, method/field names; and will split your compound names to check each word

For the advanced users (Enterprise Edition)

  • Command Line Version - produce help documentation as part of Continuous Integration / Automated Build process
  • Add custom pages to the produced help documentation via Conceptual Content facility
  • Enterprise deployment options

You help to keep it going!

And here's another big plus: By upgrading you'll help us to keep on improving and expanding GhostDoc to make it even better, more useful and more widely available. Your purchase will help the product go from strength to strength.

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