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Which edition of GhostDoc is right for you?

We designed the product features and pricing of GhostDoc to fit the needs of all different groups of users. We have three editions - GhostDoc Pro, GhostDoc Enterprise, and GhostDoc Community.

GhostDoc Pro GhostDoc Enterprise GhostDoc Community
Developers who want better productivity and advanced features

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Advanced users and larger teams looking for premium features, integration and unattended deployment
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Individual developers that only need the basic product features. Not for organizations. Subject to licensing and use restriction.
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GhostDoc Pro is the one for developers who want better productivity and advanced features.

GhostDoc Pro is right for you if you want to document the whole type/file at once using flexible StyleCop compliant templates and libraries; maintain clean and up-to-date documentation with the editor hints and documentation quality management features; produce help documentation in multiple formats and modern themes; need a built-in intelligent source code Spell Checker in Visual Studio.

GhostDoc Enterprise is for advanced users and larger teams looking for premium features, integration, and unattended deployment.

GhostDoc Enterprise is right for you if, on top of the Pro features, you are looking for full-featured documentation builder; add custom content, like Welcome, License, etc.; create your own documentation themes and layouts; command line version for CI integration and generating docs with your build; silent deployment and silent activation; priority support.

GhostDoc Community is for individual developers that require basic product features, not for organizations.

GhostDoc Community is good for individual developer looking to simplify XML Documentation by generating a starting point for a single method and generate basic watermarked CHM help for documentation preview. GhostDoc Community is intended for personal use only and cannot be licensed to an organization.

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- General
Auto-generate a starting point for your docs  
Visual Editor for XML Comments 
Full-featured Help Documentation Builder
Intelligent source code Spell Checker
Documentation Maintenance features  
Documentation Quality editor hints  
XML Comment Preview
New output format - VS IntelliSense file
Generate Basic Help File  
Toolbar for quick command access  
Command Line Version  
+ XML Documentation Templates  
Document This  
Document Type  
Document File  
Document Project  
Document File Header  
Auto-generate a starting point for your docs  
Copy base class documentation when available
Document Exceptions  
StyleCop compliant documentation templates
Configurable rules, acronyms and macros
Abbreviation expansion
Non-breaking Words list
Summary Override table  
Summary Override regular expressions  
Global Properties  
Support for <inheritdoc /> tag  
Exclude from Documentation action  
Add a 'must edit' TODO task  
Add <autogeneratedoc /> tag  
Highlight auto-generated summary  
XML Comment rule wizard  
XML Comment template - T4  
Template editor IntelliSense support
XML Comment Template Libraries
Assignable shortcut (default Ctrl-Shift-D)
Any menu command can be assigned a shortcut
Option to re-build documentation
Import/Export of the configuration
+ Documentation Quality and Maintenance
Documentation Quality editor hints  
Find auto-generated comments  
Find and fix missing documentation  
Fix out of sync comments  
Can be copied from the base class  
Auto-generated docs to be edited  
+ Help Documentation Builder
Preview Comment
Theme support for help documentation  
Frameless web help documentation themes
Help Configurations  
Help Content Targeting  
Embed images into the Help markup
Automatic linking to .NET Framework docs  
Support for <inheritdoc /> tag  
Include Code Contracts into help docs  
Custom Tags support
Code sample syntax highlighting
Select projects to include  
Define documentation Header and Footer
Include/exclude by Scope  
Mark auto-generated and 'to be edited'  
Produce help documentation from build  
Customize layout and template  
Preview Comment customization
Create own themes for help documentation  
Add custom content  
Remove "Generated with GhostDoc"  
+ Documentation Formats
Html Help1 (.CHM)
VS IntelliSense file
MS Help Viewer aka MS Help 3 (.MSHC)
Frameless web site (HTML, ASP.NET, PHP)
+ Spell Checking  
Check spelling as you type
Spell check code  
Spelling report for entire project/solution  
Specify files to check  
Spelling suggestions with automated correction
Customize spell checking options
Dictionaries out of the box  
Programming dictionary included
Add any language Open Office dictionary
Create custom dictionaries  
+ Unattended Deployment  
Silent Deployment  
Silent Activation  
Enterprise Licensing Server (option)  
Priority Support
Licensing Community Commercial & Personal Commercial
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