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Code Quality Analysis, Automated Code Review and Refactoring

The Personal Edition is most suitable for solo developers and freelancers.

Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Personal Edition
Small teams of 2-5 developers of about the same experience level, working in the same location
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Larger teams of 5+ developers, local or distributed, who have a wide variation of experience - most advanced edition
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Solo developers and freelancers not part of the team. Not for organizations. Subject to certain licensing restrictions.
Download CodeIt.Right Personal

The Personal Edition is designed specifically for solo developers and freelancers who are not part of a team. It includes all the features of the Standard Edition plus the Code Metrics package from the Enterprise Edition. Note that the Personal Edition cannot be integrated as part of the build process, limited to a maximum of one user license and is also a subject to certain licensing restrictions.

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Build: v2022.1.22300 (October 27, 2022)

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Personal Edition limitations:

  • No Continuous Integration options available
  • Cannot be licensed to a company
  • Subject to certain licensing restrictions

Standard features:

  • Instant Code Review - real-time analysis
  • OnDemand Analysis
  • Continuous Code Quality
  • Guidelines and Best Practices
  • Customize and Extend

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