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Download CodeIt.Right v3 Beta

To download CodeIt.Right v3 Beta, please enter your email address below and click the "Download" button.

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What's new in v3.0 RC

  • VS2017 RC integration
  • Solution filtering by date, source control status and file patterns
  • Summary report view (announced as the Dashboard in the Beta preview) - provides a summary view of the analysis results and metrics, customize to your needs

What's new in v3.0 Beta

  • Official support for VS2015 Update 2 and ASP.NET 5/ASP.NET Core 1.0 solutions
  • Fresh look and feel for Violations Report and Editor violation markers
  • New Review Code commands - only opened files, only checked out files, only files modified after specific date
  • Improved Profile Editor with advanced rule search and filtering
  • New rules

For the complete list please see What's New in CodeIt.Right v3.0


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