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Software Assurance and Support Subscription - CodeIt.Right

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What is Software Assurance?

Software Assurance is an annual subscription plan to help our customers keep current with new product releases. It also provides with auto-updates for all new rules that we publish while your subscription is active. When we release a new version of our products, customers with a current maintenance subscription can receive the upgrade at no additional charge. Customers without maintenance can purchase the new major release by paying a full license price in most cases. Software Assurance is the most cost effective and convenient way to stay current with the latest versions of our products.

  • Upgrade to new versions at no additional cost
  • Auto Update for the latest rule sets

What is Premium Support?

Premium Support subscription enables you to access private Premium Support forums monitored by SubMain staff with the response time within 24 hours (business days).

  • Access to private Premium Support forums

What is Enterprise Support?

Enterprise Support subscription is our highest level of service and includes all of the Premium Support tier benefits plus:

  • Priority phone support
  • Implementation review services
  • Direct communication channel with the SubMain Development Team
  • Custom rule development services at reduced rates

What is included with the initial product purchase?

With your initial purchase you receive 90 days of minor updates and fixes - free of charge! Note: the Support options are not included into the initial purchase unless you opt to sign-up for the Software Assurance & Support bundle.

How can I extend my subscription?

You can extend your Software Assurance & Support subscription any time while your subscription is current. The time remaining in your existing Software Assurance policy will automatically carry over into your new policy. To extend your Software Assurance please click here. Note: CodeIt.Right will continue to function should you choose not to extend your subscription. Without Software Assurance you will simply be unable to benefit of any new updates or upgrades that we release and you will not be eligible for our priority support.

What are subscription renewal / reinstatement terms?

Subscription renewal is subject to the following terms - Software Assurance - Renewal / Reinstatement terms

Can I purchase Software Assurance subscription separate from Support?

No, CodeIt.Right Software Assurance and Support are currently bundled together.


Click here to purchase Software Assurance and Support Subscription