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Which edition of CodeIt.Right is right for you?

We designed the product features and pricing of CodeIt.Right to fit the needs and budgets of all different groups of users. We have three editions - Standard, Enterprise and Personal.

Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Personal Edition
Small teams of 2-5 developers of about the same experience level, working in the same location
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Larger teams of 5+ developers, local or distributed, who have a wide variation of experience - most advanced edition
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Solo developers and freelancers not part of the team. Not for organizations. Subject to certain licensing restrictions.
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Standard Edition is the one for small teams. In terms of feature set, this is the baseline edition.

The Standard Edition will be right for you if your team is locally located and you don't need the distributed features, centralized team standards configuration or code metrics. It is perfect if you are happy with basic build integration and base reporting. The Standard Edition is aimed at small locally located teams.

Enterprise Edition is for larger teams and it includes code metrics, team collaboration and advanced tools for continuous integration and automated build, together with enhanced reporting. Additionally, the Enterprise Edition allows silent deployment/automated provisioning. The Team Collaboration include the Analysis and Team Configuration Modules, control over the management and distribution of standards, guidelines, custom rules and updates to the Team. The Enterprise Edition is most suitable for teams of 5 or more both local and distributed.

Personal Edition is designed specifically for solo developers and freelancers who are not part of a team. It includes all the features of the Standard Edition plus the Code Metrics package from the Enterprise Edition. Note that the Personal Edition cannot be integrated as part of the build process, limited to a maximum of one user license and is also a subject to certain licensing restrictions.

Standard Edition
Enterprise Edition
Personal Edition
Best for 2-5 developer local teams
Best for 5+ developer teams local or distributed
Best for Solo developers
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- General
Instant Code Review
Ensure Code Correctness
Automatically Fix Code Issues
Automate Code Reviews
Enforce Coding Guidelines
Refactoring to Patterns
Ignore auto-generated code  
+ Instant Code Review
Real-time code checking
Highlight code issues in VS source editor
Fix code smell at the introduction
Whole source file health at a glance  
Define and switch between rule sets  
Code issue education and prevention  
+ OnDemand Analysis
Solution-wide Analysis  
Analyze project by project  
Comprehensive listing of all issues  
Automatically Fix Code Issues  
Sorting and filtering options  
Export and distribute
+ Continuous Integration  
Fail buid for non-compliant code  
Command Line Version
MSBuild and NAnt tasks
Use custom rule set
Severity Threshold filtering
Execute under any user  
Visual Studio is not required on build server
Metrics output
Distribute reports via email
+ Guidelines and Best Practices  
Microsoft .NET Guidelines
Framework Design Guidelines
Best Practices
ASP.NET Security
Async Guidance
+ Follow Your Own Standards  
Profile Editor - unlimited custom rule sets
Configure to fit Your coding standards
Tailor existing rules to your needs
Develop your own Custom Rules
Generate Guidelines Document  
Profile Merge - Two-way
Profile Merge - Enhanced
Distribute Profiles to the team  
+ Rule Libraries  
Security ASP.NET
Async Guidance
Exception Handling
Spell Checking
Code Metrics based rules
StyleCop rules
+ Customize and Extend  
Custom Rule API
Develop your own Custom Rules
Tailor existing rules to your needs
Free SDK use license
Custom Rule development service
+ Reduce the Noise  
Severity Threshold filtering  
Ignore auto-generated code  
Exclude Violation, File, Project, etc  
Require Notes for Excludes
SuppressMessage attribute  
Global Suppression file  
+ StyleCop Integration  
Instant Code Review  
OnDemand Analysis  
Command Line  
Suppress StyleCop rules or violations
Auto-correction for StyleCop violations  
+ Code Metrics  
Member Metrics  
Type Metrics  
Code Metrics  
Metrics based rules
Metrics Export
+ Team Features  
Team Configuration Module  
Analysis Module  
Centrally maintain team standards  
Distribute team standards to the team  
Distribute custom rules to the team
Control over distribution of updates  
+ Visual Studio & TFS Integration  
Visual Studio Integration
Violation hints in VS Editor
File at a glance view  
Auto-fixes in VS Editor
Safely Undo/Redo changes  
Quickly navigate to violation source code
Check-in Policy Integration  
Team Foundation Server (TFS) Integration
+ Unattended Deployment  
Silent Deployment  
Silent Activation  
Enterprise Licensing Server (option)  
Priority Support
Licensing Commercial Commercial Personal
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