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 Saturday, 11 March 2017

GhostDoc version 5.5 delivers compatibility with VS2017 RTM as well as a number of fixes:

  • VS2017 RTM support
  • GhostDoc is now also available as VSIX for VS2017
  • Documentation Hints no longer visible in the Debug mode
  • Fixed issue wrapping lines within the <value></value> tag
  • In the Offline Activation Preview - the fields are now auto-selected on focus/click for easy copying
  • GhostDoc is no longer adding extra line when re-documenting header in VB
  • GhostDoc is no longer appending generated XML comments to the existing comment when using auto-generated properties in VB

For the complete list of changes, please see What's New in GhostDoc v5

For overview of the v5.0 features, visit Overview of GhostDoc v5.0 Features

Download the new build at http://submain.com/download/ghostdoc/

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