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 Wednesday, 19 April 2006

by Serge Baranovsky

So what exactly was changed in CodeIt.Once build 1.0.235 since the Release Candidate 1

  • FIXED: Issue renaming namespace declarations in VB.NET
  • FIXED: Error when opening projects with invalid file names included
  • FIXED: Bug in VB.NET preprocess #const expressions
  • ADDED: Add Parameter refactoring adds Imports/using declaration for the parameter type.
  • FIXED: Bug renaming Attribute classes
  • FIXED: Bug renaming Properties which implements interface property
  • FIXED: A number of issues with renaming overloads, attribute classes and attribute class members.
  • FIXED: CIO not processing new references when multiple references added to the project at once.

The build 1.0.235 is available for download here - http://submain.com/download

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