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Calculate the ROI of Code Quality Analysis with CodeIt.Right

Everyone agrees that code analysis finds bugs, code issue, makes code faster, more secure and maintainable. But how much time does it take? Are the savings worth the expense?

Use this ROI calculator to see the business case for CodeIt.Right.

For the calculations below, the default numbers come from industry-standard sources, including some of our own customer data.

Development Team

Team size  developers 
avg team member pay$ per year 
avg team member pay $ per hour 

Savings from Automated Code Reviews

# reviews per week  
avg review length  hrs 
Savings per week = $ 
Savings per month = $$ (per Year)

Savings from Auto-Correction

time to fix per issue  hrs 
issues fixed per week  
Savings per week = $ 
Savings per month = $$ (per Year)

Cost of the code analysis tool is not included in this calculation. Use our Pricing Page to get this cost depending on tool choice, the number of developers, and licensing scheme.

Savings per Year
Change input parameters.
License Cost
Change input parameters.
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