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Case Studies

While there are many large and well known companies who use our products in their business, we are especially delighted to hear about the developers of all sorts, from large enterprises to smaller lesser known companies and individual developers, who have enjoyed our products.

If you would like to share your developer story or case study with other developers please feel free to let us know at customer-service@submain.com and we will be glad to post them here.

Case Study: Atlantis Interactive

Atlantis Interactive

Atlantis Interactive UK is a company that was bootstrapping over a long period of time, formed to enhance the toolsets available for SQL Server users around the globe, increasing the quality of tools available while lowering the cost of ownership considerably.

... 5,990 hours saved. If that task had been assigned to a Junior Developer on a $15/hour rate, the cost saving could roughly be equated to $89,850. Or, in other terms CodeIt.Right paid for itself more than 100 times over.
Having looked at some of the static analysis tools ... CodeIt.Right was the only tool that we found that gave us the ability to adapt it to our chosen coding standard, rather than having to adapt our coding standard to suit the tool.
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Case Study: Performance Systems International

Performance Systems International is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner focused on the Credit Union industry.

Not only was the automated remediation of our code base a big time saver, it also eliminated the errors we would have almost certainly introduced if we had attempted to remediate the code base by hand. In fact, when we started testing the updated code, we found that we had virtually no issues - this was across a code base containing tens of thousands of lines of code.
I couldn't begin to estimate the amount of time CodeIt.Right saved for us, but I know that it was at least in the hundreds of hours, if not thousands.
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