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 Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Today we released CodeIt.Right v2.2 - new version that adds introduces 23 new rules – Usage and Asynchronous programming best practices – as well as new feature allowing to output analysis results to Visual Studio Error List in addition or instead of CodeIt.Right Violations Report. Here is high level list of new features:

  • Added 12 new Async Best Practice Rules
    • Call Start on the Task object before instantiating
    • Async method should have "Async" suffix
    • Async method should return Task or Task<t>
    • Avoid "out" and "ref" parameters in async method
    • TAP method parameters should be the same
    • Do not create async Sub method
    • Transform simple async method to non-async
    • Async method should have await statement
    • Await statement method should be async
    • Do not use Task.Yield in async method
    • Do not use Task.Wait in async method
  • Added 11 new Usage Rules
    • Avoid empty methods
    • Avoid System.Console "Write()" or "WriteLine()"
    • Do not explicitly call "System.GC.Collect()" or "System.GC.Collect(int)"
    • Lock both when either set or get is locked for a property
    • Close database connections in "finally" block
    • Avoid control statements with empty bodies
    • Provide "default:" for each "switch" statement
    • Always provide names for threads
    • Avoid use of "new" keyword for hiding methods
    • Always close SQL resources
  • New Show violations in Error List feature- now OnDemand analysis results within Visual Studio can be rendered into Violations Report, VS Error List or both
  • and more

CodeIt.Right v2.2 has many more features and improvements. For detailed list please see What’s New in CodeIt.Right v2.2

How do I try it?

Download the CodeIt.Right v2.2 at http://submain.com/download/codeit.right/


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