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 Wednesday, 04 April 2012

We are excited to announce the release of CodeIt.Right v2.0 - new major version that takes our code quality product to the whole new level. This version introduces new major feature – Instant Code Review – that enables developers to get code quality feedback in real time as they type and refactor code smells right at their introduction. We also added new Personal Edition of the product. Here is the high level new feature list:

  • cir_20_ir_2Instant Code Review feature – get code quality feedback as you code and refactor on the spot!
  • Visual Studio 11 support
  • Multiple categories for a rule
  • Multi-select in Violations Report
  • XAML Parser
  • 8 new Silverlight/WPF/XAML rules
  • 27 new ASP.NET/Security rules
  • Profile Editor - filter for selected/unselected rules
  • Option to require comments when excluding code issue
  • and more

Focus on coding – we will help you with quality

If you love the CodeIt.Right code quality rules and auto-corrections but want immediate feedback as you code, the new Instant Review feature is for you!

Instant Review allows to run select set of rules in the background and get real-time code issues feedback to developers in the Visual Studio Editor. The feature highlights in the editor code elements that triggered violation and shows complete list of file code issues in the right violations bar (next to the scrollbar). Violation detail window explains the nature of the issue, offers auto-refactoring options and option to ignore (exclude) the violation. The feature can be turned on/off with a single click, supports multiple user configurable profiles that can be switched in the toolbar or right margin violations bar context menu.

cir_20_multiselectPersonal Edition

Starting version 2.0 in addition to Standard and Enterprise editions we are offering new Personal Edition designed for solo developers and freelancers. This edition is priced appropriately for personal use – this is the most affordable edition of CodeIt.Right. With introduction of the new edition, price of the Standard has been adjusted.

Is that it?

CodeIt.Right v2.0 has many more features and improvements. For detailed list please see What’s New in CodeIt.Right v2.0

How do I try it?

Download the CodeIt.Right v2.0 at http://submain.com/download/codeit.right/

Note to current users – we have changed licensing schema in v2.0 and your v1.x license codes won’t work with v2.0. For users whose Software Assurance is up-to-date we will be sending v2.x license codes shortly. Users without subscription and those whose subscription lapsed will have the opportunity to purchase new version at the upgrade price.

Note to current Standard Edition users – in version 2.0 we have added "Standard" edition name to all folder locations (Program Files, My Documents, etc) and registry keys. When you install v2.0 Beta you will need to copy your custom profiles and rules into the new folders.


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