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 Wednesday, 17 October 2007

by Serge Baranovsky

New set of CodeIt.Right rules:

  • Avoid unsealed attributes (Performance)
  • COM visible types should be creatable (Interoperability)
  • Pointers should not be visible (Security)
  • Remove empty finalizers (Performance)

(All of the new rules above offer AutoCorrect options)

This set of rules is distributed using the Rule AutoUpdate feature added into the Beta 2 of CodeIt.Right. Auto Update triggers in 15 minutes after you start Visual Studio. If you turned the feature off you can manually start the update wizard from the CodeIt.Right/Help & Support/Update Rules menu.

Another set of rules will be distributed with new build of CodeIt.Right next week as some of them require updated version of the SDK.

Please leave your feedback how much you like/dislike the AutoUpdate feature, your suggestions - in the CodeIt.Right forum http://community.submain.com/forums/4/ShowForum.aspx

(Note: if you skip the custom profile update step in the Rules Update Wizard, you still can add new rules to your custom profile(s) using the Add Rule button in the Profile Editor - you will find recent rules by sorting the date column)

For more information on CodeIt.Right, getting started presentation, support and feedback see Beta 1 announce post.

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