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 Saturday, 01 September 2007

by Serge Baranovsky

We obtained exclusive distribution rights to the latest version of Steve Sartain's C#/VB .NET Coding Guidelines 100+ page ebook, and are offering free download from our website. From now on we will be maintaining the guidelines along with the author.

C#/VB .NET Coding Guidelines

Topics covered in C#/VB .NET Coding Guidelines include:

  • Naming Guidelines
  • Class Member Usage Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Exposing Functionality to COM
  • Error Raising & Handling Guidelines
  • Array Usage Guidelines
  • Operator Overloading Usage Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Casting Types
  • Common Design Patterns
  • Callback Function Usage
  • Time-Out Usage
  • Security in Class Libraries
  • Threading Design Guidelines
  • Formatting Standards
  • Commenting Code
  • Code Reviews
  • Additional Notes for VB .NET Developers

Here is what Andrew Sutton says about the ebook at vbCity: "Steve Sartain has come up with a very readable document that offers comprehensive guidelines for structuring code writing."

Better hurry up to download this excellent whitepaper on coding guidelines and best practices while supplies last! (Just kidding, our supplies of this electronic downloadable book are unlimited ;-))

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