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 Thursday, 01 February 2007

by Serge Baranovsky

We have exciting news for you - today we released first public Beta version of our new product CodeIt.Right - the tool that will find your code and performance problems, fix them automatically, keep your naming consistent and will guide you through most common coding patterns and best practices.

Click here to read about CodeIt.Right

CodeIt.Right Beta integrates with VS2003 and VS2005, it supports C# and VB.NET

Download now

Download your copy of the CodeIt.Right Beta at http://submain.com/download/codeit.right

** IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind this is still a Beta product. It is not recommended to install it on a mission critical development machines.

Support / Feedback

The help file and user guide are not quite ready yet for this is a Beta, but please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  Please submit any issues or feedback using one of the following:
Email: Contact Support
Community: http://community.submain.com
Forum: CodeIt.Right Discussion Forum

Screenshots / Guides

We have prepared 3 Flash presentations to help you understand what CodeIt.Right is and how you can get your job done better and faster using CodeIt.Right:
Quick Start - Quick 1 minute CodeIt.Right walkthrough

Introduction to CodeIt.Right Features - Here is where we show main CodeIt.Right functions and options

ISerializable Pattern example - One of many scenarios when CodeIt.Right helps to diagnose issues early and implement coding patterns correctly.

More guides and tutorials to come...

Getting Started

Quick 1 minute CodeIt.Right walkthrough - Quick Start Guide

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