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 Wednesday, 04 July 2007

by Serge Baranovsky

New pre-Beta 2 build (1.0.07172) of CodeIt.Right is published - command line version, XML report, exclude attributes, FxCop rule mapping, many bugs fixed - these make it a major update. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

(Note for current Beta users: to see the new rules you will need to switch back to the built-in profile or add them to your custom profile(s))

Changes in build 1.0.07172:

  • ADDED: Command line version SubMain.CodeItRight.Cmd.exe - yes, we support Continuous Integration now!
  • ADDED: Export to XML
  • ADDED: XSL template for XML report
  • ADDED: Custom attributes to exclude rules or rule categories from analysis
  • ADDED: Rule mapping to FxCop rules and support for existing FxCop/MS Code Analysis SuppressMessage attributes.
  • CHANGED: Rule Designer renamed into Profile Editor
  • REMOVED: CreationDate from IRule interface
  • ADDED: "ReplaceIdentifierPrefix" rule - allows to replace existing prefixes (e.g. replace "m_" or "g_" with "_")
  • ADDED: "ReplaceIdentifierSuffix" rule - very similar to the replace prefix rule above
  • FIXED: Issue with line # pointing at the beginning of the structure and not at the actual violation line
  • FIXED: Problem loading ASP.NET web sites via HTTP
  • CHANGED: Add Rule dialog - now includes rule modification date column
  • IMPROVED: Undo/Redo perfomance
  • other fixes

We will be posting soon brief info on SuppressMessage attribute support and using the command line version.

Download build 1.0.07172 here - http://submain.com/download/codeit.right

For more information on CodeIt.Right, getting started presentation, support and feedback see Beta announce post.


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