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 Wednesday, 26 September 2007

by Serge Baranovsky

CodeIt.Right Beta 2 is out now - major update since the Beta 1.

Our team is eager to hear your feedback on the Beta 2 version, as you can really influence the next stage of development. Be sure download the Beta 2 and to let us know what you think on the forums, and have your chance to win 1 of 3 $100 Amazon gift certificates to be awarded to the top three posts by October 31st.

Major changes overview since the last Beta 1 build

  • Improved analysis performance
  • Help file covers most rules
  • Added new rules (more to come after Beta 2)
    1. DoNotHideBaseClassMethods
    2. AvoidLongTypeArgumentsForVB6Clients
    3. AptcaTypesShouldExtendAptcaBaseTypes
  • Added Rule Update mechanism - allows to notify of new rules published on SubMain site, download, install and update custom profiles.
    New post-Beta 2 rules will be distributed this way.  

  • Added Pivot View

  • Revamped Correction Progress dialog with Report, Export and Undo features


  •  Lots of smaller changes and tons of bug fixes.

(Note for current Beta users: to see the new rules you will need to switch back to the built-in profile or add them to your custom profile(s))

Download build Beta 2 build 1.0.07268 here - http://submain.com/download/codeit.right

For more information on CodeIt.Right, getting started presentation, support and feedback see Beta 1 announce post.

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