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 Wednesday, 20 July 2011

We released TestMatrix v3.1 which adds support for xUnit testing framework, code editor Smart Tags, better VS2010 integration, command line version enhancements and other improvements.

What's new in TestMatrix v3.1:

  • Added support for xUnit testing framework TestMatrix_SmartTag
  • Added code editor Smart Tags to run/debug test or group of tests
  • Added test result "paintings" in VS2010 editor which were omitted in the first VS2010 compatible release and now they are back.
  • Added a "No Coverage" warning in the command line version against project/solution with configuration set to Release
  • Added Status message to display test execution status - current test name, current test number and total number of tests - "Running test N of NN (<test name>)"
  • Implemented a number of Test Results Window enhancements
  • TestMatrix now uses currently selected in Visual Studio build configuration including CPU
  • Added "Don't show this again" checkbox to the "Are you sure?" dialog when stopping test execution
  • Fixed - TestMatrix was ignoring TestCaseData objects with names assigned
  • Improved support for TestFixtureSetUp
  • Implemented correct TestContext handling within MsTest unit test execution
  • Added command line parameter /failThreshold to stop a build (return error code) if number of failed tests is higher than the threshold
  • Added command line parameter /configuration to specify build configuration, for example, "Debug|AnyCPU"
  • Changed Options file format from binary to XML
  • Added offline license activation option for users behind strict firewalls
  • Added option to request product trial extension

TestMatrix build 3.1.11190 is available for download at http://submain.com/download/testmatrix/

Note to current users, due to the introduction of offline license activation mechanism your v3.x license code needs to be re-activated. This is done simply by re-entering your registration details in the "Enter License Key..." menu.

Version 3.1 is a free update for all TestMatrix v3.0 users. Users with v2.x licenses are eligible for upgrade price of $99 per license. Please contact sales@submain.com with your license information for the upgrade details.

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 Tuesday, 26 October 2010
We are happy to announce the release of TestMatrix v3.0 - new major version focused on product stability and performance improvements, full VS2010 and .NET 4.0 support, command line version and the latest versions of unit testing frameworks!

TestMatrix New in v3.0:
  • Improved support for VS2010
  • Added support for .NET Framework 4.0
  • Enabled Command Line version for Continuous Integration/Automated Build process
  • Updated to support the latest versions of unit testing frameworks - NUnit 2.5.x, MbUnit 2.4, csUnit 2.6, MS Test
  • Added Test Groups in Test Explorer - create your own groups of tests you want to run
  • Added clarity in Code Coverage feature requiring running VS as Admin
  • Improved warning and info messages for clarity
  • Improved Test Results window - better visual progress and results reporting
  • Changed logging to standard SubMain, resolves large log file issue and problems when running multiple instances of VS
  • Options dialog - completely redesigned, removed SharedServices options from Tools->Options
  • "Load/Unload" menu in Visual Studio - allows to enable/disable the extension
  • Added Create/Rename/Delete Test Groups in Test Explorer
  • Completely new and improved setup
  • Log file location changed to My Documents folder (standard for SubMain products)
  • Modified TestMatrix tool windows to be VSIP compliant to for improved stability
  • License code schema is changed to SubMain standard, will simplify distribution and maintenance of the license codes
  • Out of range error in solutions with over 5000 unit tests
  • many reported issues
TestMatrix build 3.0.10299 is available for download right now.

Please note, we have changed licensing schema in v3.0 and your v2.x license codes will not work with this new build.

This new version is free update for users who purchased TestMatrix from SubMain (after March 9, 2010). We will be sending out new licenses shortly. If you require the license immediately, please contact us at sales@submain.com

Orders prior to March 9, 2010 are eligible for upgrade price of $99 per license. Contact sales@submain.com with your license information for the upgrade details.

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 Wednesday, 21 April 2010
We published two updates this morning:
  • CodeIt.Right v1.9.10111 - both Standard and Enterprise editions. This is a minor update, primarily bug fixes. Not a required update unless you are experiencing some rule issues or unhandled errors this update might fix.
  • New setup for TestMatrix - we have created a brand new setup for TestMatrix to replace the often confusing "silent" version. New setup experience is very much the same as all our other products. Version hasn't of the product hasn't changed.

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 Tuesday, 09 March 2010
As announced earlier today we just closed the acquisition of the popular unit testing and code coverage product TestMatrix, as well as CodeSpell and StudioTools. We, SubMain, will continue to maintain and enhance these products.

TestMatrix adds support for unit testing, code coverage analysis, and test profiling to Visual Studio, seamlessly incorporating these critical development practices directly into the coding process itself; CodeSpell adds real-time, intelligent detection and correction of misspellings to Visual Studio; and StudioTools is a rich collection of Visual Studio enhancements.

We are also announcing today the availability of the new version for all three products - TestMatrix, CodeSpell and StudioTools - v2.1.10055 which adds support for Visual Studio 2010 RC.

We are very excited about taking over the future of such great products! TestMatrix complements CodeIt.Right into a Code Quality Suite which will be be complete with the addition of the new product codenamed Project Anelare in the following months.

For more on the agreement, please see the press release.

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